Serving the Broadcast Industry

Airflight Creative understands the radio industry. Knowing its needs is conducive to forming a realm of tangible services invaluable to the broadcast industry!

We recognize the importance of each of the following and are prepared to deliver!

  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Effective Copy Writing
  • Top Notch Production
  • Broadcast Quality
  • Quick Delivery
  • Custom Market Exclusivity Advertiser Branding
  • Detail to Copy Broadcast Management
  • Delivery of Final Scripts with Co-op Preparedness

Completed audio production is delivered in the format of your choice. Delivery is generally by e-mail attachment, but larger projects can also be downloaded from our server via a private link. We also publish to CD and DVD if necessary.

Through the collective years of experience our team can deliver! Select or customize a project or order. You can choose the voice talent from our growing bank of talent, request copy services, specify a type of music bed and if necessary other production or sound effects.

Our turn-around time depends on the complexity of the project. Simple scripts and voice-overs can be done within 24 hours!

Airflight Creative is here to help your staff compliment and augment its on-air delivery with custom and effective creative for your advertiser and your audience!

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