Rate Card & Contractual Packages

AirFlight Creative offers a rather straight forward, yet dynamic fee structure to help its clients more easily balance their custom production needs with a cost-effective rate structure.

Every client is important and we accommodate the client who requires a very straight forward production, on a one-time basis, and we also provide flexible pricing and contractual packages to repeat and ongoing clients.

The client can request a very straight forward, cold read, or a complex production including voice talent as specified or requested, music beds, sound and special effects.

Please take notice of our Community Station Rate Card offering (tba).

Our rate structure offers one-time or infrequent requests for service as well as discounts for 10 or more requests within 13 weeks.  We offer contractual packages for frequent use within 13 and 26 weeks, saving the client even more!

Finally, we are happy to accept requests for quotes for special projects including narration, talking books, documentaries and imaging.  Each tier below helps to present and identify required talent and production needs.   Sell also below the charts, several terms explained.


MUSIC BED Licensed production music from our library, may be reserved for market branding; jingle bed and donuts (to be provided by client or advertiser)
SFX Sound Effects can be added to enhance production.  Subject or identity of sound track is considered to be one unit.  Example: rain storm including rainfall, thunder and wind equals one unit, car horn is an additional unit
COPY Supplied
Script is provided by client or advertiser
Script is to be written by our staff
Narrator is part of our in house staff
Narrator is reserved for branding and/or additional production costs may be incurred
PROD CODE The Production Code identifies the rate or base rate
FEE The Fee is the amount for one unit or completed production of commercial, or other
TBD To Be Determined.  The Fee will be set based on talent and production requests which may involve extraordinary third party expenses and talent caliber.

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