How the Process Works - A Time Line

Contracting Airflight Creative for your project is easy.
We welcome your personal contact by telephone, or you can place a project request on line.

The Order

  • If the telephone works for you, then it will work for us too!  Please give us a call and we will take it from there!
  • Go to our Create a Project Page to initate your order
  • Or, log in to your own account and navigate to your work area
  • You can attach and upload files as necessary (audio files, word documents)
  • Select voice talent, or arrange for Reserved Talent

We orchestrate the production from here.

The Delivery
The completed audio file in your specified format is then sent back to you via a delivery method you specify.
The audio file(s) can be e-mailed as attachments, downloaded from our site, or even published to a CD or DVD and mailed or couriered to you.

You are billed pursuant the agreed upon terms.

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