About AirFlight Creative

AirFlight Creative is an independent audio and visual production company serving the broadcast industry as well as the business and commercial community.

Airflight Creative is a division of MCEMS (McCann & Cambrian E-Media Services) and was formed to provide the radio broadcast industry in Canada with custom commercial production. As local medium- and small- market size stations continue to lose in-house manpower, existing staff does not always have the time to keep up with the continuing demand for copy writing, production and availability of voice talent to vary among its advertisers.

That's where Airflight enters the picture. With a simple call or e-mail, we can put it all together, generally within 24 hours depending on the project and the need. A request for service can include copy writing, voice talent and special production effects.

You can choose the kind of talent you need, the type of music bed and the sound effects required to produce broadcast quality, professional radio commercials. Airflight Creative has the resources to provide each of your advertisers with a unique sound, voice talent and music bed.

The entire production is orchestrated here at Airflight Creative, but the voice talent or copy writers can be located anywhere in Canada.

Airflight Creative was founded by Doug McCann. Doug and his team collectively bring you years and years of radio broadcast experience, and in nearly every aspect of the industry. From on-air hosting, commercial voicing and production, to copy and even sales, each team member has virtually been on every side of the fence, often in between. We understand the business, recognize your needs and have the experience to deliver!

Give Airflight Creative a try!!

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